Cupron Enhanced

What it Does and How it Does it

Cupron Enhanced EOS Surfaces carry the exact same EPA Registered Public Health Claims as copper alloys. Just like the raw sheets of copper, Cupron Enhanced EOS continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria* in under two hours. Since Egyptian times, Copper has been known as a microbial killer. While the exact reasons for copper's negative effect on microbes are not fully known, it is generally agreed that copper ions cause a series of damaging effects on bacterial, fungal, and viral cells. Some of the common theories are that the copper causes leakage of potassium or glutamate through the cells' outer membrane; the copper disturbs the osmotic balance; the copper binds to proteins that do not require copper; and copper causes oxidative stress by generating hydrogen peroxide.

By combining the extremely hygienic, non-porous nature of EOS Solid Surface with the tested, cutting edge technology of Cupron, EOS is able to offer hospitals, schools, military facilities, hospitality, and homeowners a defense against the rising tide of the planet's microbes. Every sheet of Cupron Enhanced EOS Surfaces is infused with Cupron technology on all exposed surfaces. Hence, no matter where the sheet is cut, or what part of the sheet is exposed, the Cupron copper-oxide is present.

Cupron is not a film or liquid chemical application. In fact, the Cupron technology within the EOS slabs can actually be seen by the human eye. The infusion of Cupron technology into the EOS makes the power and effectiveness of the copper indefinite. It cannot be worn off or become less effective over time.


defense against the rising tide of the planet's